List 1: CD

Interpret Name Date Info Time Cover Source
Dylan Bob Dylan '65 Revisited (acoustic) 1964-66 CD 60'29" (f) outtakes 1964-66
Dylan Bob In Concert CD 2 1964/10/31 CD 70'15" f+b Philharmonic Hall (New York, NY)
Dylan Bob Dylan '65 Revisited (electric) 1965-66 CD 65'59" (f) outtakes 1965-66
Dylan Bob Highway 61 Revisited Again 1965/06/15-07/30 CD 70'03" f+b Highway 61 Revisited outtakes
Dylan Bob Live In Newport 1965 1965/07/25+05/06+1964/10/31 CD 72'54" f+b Newport Folk Festival, RI + City Hall, Newcastle, UK + Philharmonic Hall, NYC
Dylan Bob & The Band Isle of Wight 1969/08/31 CD

Isle of Wight
Dylan Bob & The Band Love Songs For America 1974/01/14 2CD 43'41"+42'56" f+b Boston Garden, Boston, MA
Dylan Bob Tell It Like It Is 1975/11/11 CD 61'11" f+b Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
Dylan Bob Knight of the Hurricane 1975/12/08 2CD

Madison Square Garden
Dylan Bob Going Going Guam 1976/01-05 4CD 78'32"+78'52"+79'32"+79'10" f+b+i+p Complete Rolling TR rehearsals
Dylan Bob Hold The Fort (Lock Up The Warehouse) 1976/05/16 2CD 61'16"+59'56" f+b Tarrant Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX
Dylan Bob The Rundown Rehearsal Tapes 1978/01-05 2CD 80'11"+77'49" b Rundown Recordings from 1978
Dylan Bob Stop Crying 1978/06/02 CD 78'27" (f+b+i) Universal Amphitheater, LA, CA
Dylan Bob Hush,Hush Sweet Charlotte 1978/12/10 2CD

Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
Dylan Bob Contract With The Lord (Part 1) 1979/11/16 CD 69'58" f+b Fox Warfield Theater, San Francisco
Dylan Bob Contract With The Lord (Part 2) 1979/11/16 CD 47'35" f+b Fox Warfield Theater, San Francisco
Korner Alexis Testament 1980/03/ CD 36'12“ f+b La Chapelle des Lombards, France
Dylan Bob Farewell Bloomfield 1980/11/15 2CD

San Francisco
Dylan Bob Rise Again 1980/11/30 2CD 65'48"+62'45" (f+b) Paramount Theater; Seattle, WA
Dylan Bob A Bird´s Nest In Your Hair 1981/06/29 2CD 70'21"+65'04" f+b Earl's Court, London, UK
Dylan Bob A Friend To The Martyr (Outfidels) 1983/04/11-05/08 CD 73'56" f+b Infidels outtakes
Dylan Bob Rough Cuts 1983/04/11-05/08 2CD 70'41+50'46" f+b Power Station studio outtakes
Dylan Bob Spanish Boot 1984/06/28 2CD

Barcelona, Spain
Dylan Bob Tempest Storm - Empire Bourlesque Outtakes 1984/07-1985/04 CD 74'29" (f+b+i) Empire Burlesque outtakes
Dylan Bob & Petty Tom Hard To Handle 1986/02/24-25 CD 53'48" f+b+bi Entertainment Center Sydney. Australia
Dylan Bob Greatest Hits Live 1986/02/24-25+1988/09/04 CD 67'52" f+b Entertainment Center (Sydney, Australia) + Lake Compounce (Bristol, CT)
Morrison Van Live USA 1986/07/25 CD 50'42" f+b Greek Theatre, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley CA
Dylan Bob & Petty Tom Bye Bye Johny 1986/08/30 CD 59'33" f+b Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia (Westwood One broadcast)
Traveling Willburys Unsurpassed Masters 1988/04+1990/04 CD

Dylan Bob & Young Neil S.F. Bay Blues 1988/06/10+1978/07/15 2CD 70'04"+68'36" f+b+bi Greek Theater + bonus: Dylan & Clapton Blackbushe 15.7.1978
Lewis Huey & The News Showdown 1989/ CD 60'44“ f+b The Blossom Music Center, Cleveland
Dylan Bob Sinner, Hear Me When I Say 1989/06/15 CD

Palacio de Deportes, Madrid, Spain
Dylan Bob Political World 1990/02/03-08 CD

Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
Dylan Bob Wolftrap 1991/07/21 CD

Wolftrap, Vienna, VA
Etheridge Melissa Melissa Etheridge 1992/ CD 62'14" f+b USA
Dylan Bob Wilkes-Barre, PA -- November 1st, 1992 1992/11/01 2CD 65'36"+57'02" f+b Kirby Center (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Dylan Bob Bob Dylan At The Supper Club 1993/11/16 CD 62'58" f+b Supper Club, NY (eve)
Dylan Bob Live Time Out Of Mind 1997-2000 CD

Dylan Bob Tour Diary 1997 - On The Road To The Highlands 1997/08/03-29 CD 76'59" f+b Various August 1997 dates
Dylan Bob Linz, Sporthalle 1999 1999/04/27 2CD 50'40"+61'38" f+b+i Sporthalle Linz
Dylan Bob Horsens Teater 2000/05/21 2CD 73'00"+75'30" (f+b) NYA Theatre Horsens, Denmark (+Saturday, May 13, 2000 Lund, Sweden)
Dylan Bob Bob Dylan's 59 Birthday Party 2000/05/24 2CD 62'09"+44'26" f Freilichtbuhne Junge Garde (Dresden, Germany)
Knopfler Mark Hamburg Germany 2001/06/16 2CD 49'21"+51'56" f+b Stadtpark Hamburg, Germany

List 2: DVD

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